First visit to emergency room.

Roll 15-11: Happy family

Roll 15-11 was mostly family shots that would be not so exciting for the public to look at, but these two have a little bit of story to them and have decent exposures. These shots did not happen in this order. Shot on my Fuji GA645 on Kodak 400TX.

Week 12 – 3 days in New Orleans

Me oh my, I did a lot of photography in New Orleans.  My fella and I went down there for St Patrick’s Day weekend, arriving on the Friday night and leaving on the Tuesday, and I came home with 32 rolls of exposed film (counting the couple rolls that are still in cameras waiting to…


Bunnarchy 2015

Last weekend was Seattle Bunnarchy, an annual event.  It’s a pub crawl, where people wear bunny ears, or dress like rabbits.  This year the sub-theme was Hawaiian. It is a variation on an older pub crawl that started in San Francisco, called Santarchy. The original idea was to find something that people liked, and then…

Delmar Loop in the rain.

Roll 15-10: Skipping 15-9

Roll 15-9 was boring, skipping it! Roll 15-10 was fun!  I shot some old Ilford FP4 (no +) in a Kodak box camera that takes 130 film which made a 3 x 5 inch  frames. With 120 film you get a 2 1/4 inch x 5 inch negative which I cant wait to contact print.…

Post and gate

At the paddocks

I took last Monday off from work as I was just too tired, had enough, and it was an opportunity to spend the day with Melody. Late in the afternoon we went out to the paddocks which she leases to agist her horses. In one paddock there is a shed we built for the horses,…