A might sapling

A mighty sapling: sound and image

As we headed across the open country near Braidwood on Saturday afternoon we drove into a huge storm. Blacks clouds licked the horizon and lightning struck the ground. By the time we descended the escarpment into the Araluen Valley we were in the midst of a deluge. Melody kept on driving her Ford truck, towing…


Week 4 – Continue to Push

The work continues, it’s the only way growth can occur.  I’m proud of this image.  It has taken me some time to work through the trepidation of working in such a large format of film.  There are economic barriers to each image, the pure cost of a sheet, the burden of lab fees.  And yet,…


52prints:03 – 48Forestry3

Deerfield 48F3 Deerfield Fair, September 2014 As a small town firefighter and mechanical engineer, I find rural fire engines fascinating. Mechanical ingenuity is alive in the hills not far from here. ONDU pinhole, Ilford FP4 developed in Rodinal 1+25 and printed on Arista EDU paper


Roll 4: Photographing Snow is Tough

As some of you may remember, in Roll 2 I posted pictures of the frozen Charles. I mentioned in that post that I wasn’t entirely pleased with the results. Yesterday it was snowing and I decided to try redeeming myself. I failed. I took a walk in the Fens, and brought along a roll of…


Roll 4: Pinhole Close to Home

Film: Fuji Film Acros 100 (120) Camera: terraPin 6X9 3D printed pinhole  40mm, f/174 Fuji film Neopan Acros 100 is my workaday pinhole B&W.  It is always in stock, it isn’t too contrasty, it has great reciprocity properties for long exposures, it’s buttery-soft with a fine grain.  I’ve come to know, love, and trust it.…

Where were you in '62?

Roll 3: Retro Rangefinder Report

Film: Kodak Ektar 100 Camera: Canon QL-17 G-III; Lens: fixed f/1.7 I stumbled on this brave little rangefinder at a local camera store which sells vintage and used gear.  It looked very clean, the price was right, and it included a CLA prior to pick up.  I’m always a little suspicious when I shoot a…