Wider Fuji645 and Pinhole

I got a Lomo Instax Wide, which came with a screw-on wide angle lens adapter.  It’s got threads, and one day I thought of screwing it onto my already-wide Fuji GA645Wi, which has a 45mm lens.  That’s about 28mm wide in regular 35mm cameras.    All I needed was a 52 to 49 step ring. We…


Week 45: Momentous events

A momentous week. This is what the terrace of the IAP looked like the day after the results of the American election, and this is what one of my co-workers at the office looked like. On that day, I put whiskey in the coffee. Friday was a public holiday, and there was some wonderful weather,…


Boat ride with FED and pinhole

A friend, Sean, was moving his boat from one marina to another on Lake Union in Seattle.  He invited me and some other photographers along for the ride.   There was Leila, and Todd & his wife Lisa.  And a friend of Sean’s, who was shooting with an Olympus Pen. I was shooting with a FED2,…


Week 43 Panorama pinhole

As mentioned in the last post I also took my nearly new Ondu pinhole with me on the cemetery outing. I used it with color film for the first time -a roll of expired Kodak Gold 200 just expired in 2012. I am really excited about these color images. I need to find time to…


Week 43: A top the Mesa

For this week we are back at Mesa Verde, but at a different local. that being the top of the Mesa above the cliff houses.     Shots made with Mamiya 6, Ilford HP5+ film, developed with PMK Pyro developer. Scanned on an Epson flat bed scanner.

Focus achieved

Parental Workout

    Children, and grandchildren, can be quite the workout for a parent, or grandparent. In this instance I headed out with my granddaughter and her dad for a bit of play in her favourite park. She now lives out of town and really enjoys nostalgic visits to the places she remembers from before the…