Week 14: More shots with the Auto Graflex

Last week I took some shots with the Auto Graflex.   Here’s some more.

You really need to see these full screen to get the awesome resolution that 4×5 gives.   I think the shots look kind of interesting but average when they’re not large.    A friend of mine has given up 35mm entirely because of the extra detail of medium & large resolution.  I encourage you to click on the images and see them big.

I think the dark bag that I pull the film into it leaks a little.  There’s a dark area on the bottom of some of my shots.  I’ve been lightening it in Lightroom.    Or its because I’m using old 1998 film.  Either way, it does give a dark feeling to the shots, which I’m OK with.

We’re in it for the adventure & surprise, right?  Randomness is an excellent collaborator.

This is the best shot, I think:


Here’s a shot of me in a storefront window:


And the rest:


This is UTP, who does excellent work.


I mostly shoot people, but I do love buildings and clutter.


I’ve been developing all of these at home in Diafine.

This 52rolls project has been excellent for getting me to shoot.  I’ll do a lot more in Summer, when the days are long and sunny.


5 thoughts on “Week 14: More shots with the Auto Graflex

  1. They all have a certain ‘reality’ about them, with a neat DoF. I esp like the 4th and 5th shot with both the subject of the portrait in focus and some of the background.


  2. Oh wow! Awesome shots! I’d love to try 5×4 some day, but right now I have enough to experiment with already. 🙂


  3. Many lovely photos here – a great set of portraits that look timeless, ie it would be hard to guess they were taken literally a few days ago.

    I have a Speed Graphic waiting for my on my next visit home back from Riyadh and can’t wait to give it a go – my only 5×4 experience to date has been with the Harman Titan pinhole, which is lovely but can’t be used for shots such as these.


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