Roll 48: Nevada Sky

As I get closer to that #52 goal, I’m getting more anxious about completing the project.   The delay between shooting, processing and blogging has been a little bit of a drag for me so I feel like I’m constantly running behind schedule.   No worries, I’m almost there — roll 48!   Woo hoo.

I shot this on the Yashica Mat EM again with Kodak Portra 120 film.   I bought a five pack of film so it’s just handy to keep this one loaded right now.   Plus, it has proven to be a consistent performer this year.

Here’s a view into the valley near my home and some of the big ranches … with some big Nevada sky.


and a few power lines … darn it, I hate those …




10 thoughts on “Roll 48: Nevada Sky

  1. Nice! Ugh, I hate those power lines too. I esp will find some cool, old Colonial house I want to shoot and there is a spider web of power and telephone lines ruining the shot.


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