Roll 49: Christmas

I’m a sucker for the holidays and even though they are long gone now that this is being posted, I thought you might like a peek into how my family celebrates.    It was one of those days where the natural light coming in the house seemed just right for film.    I think it worked out for me, don’t you?

These are a few of my glass ornaments.   Every year I add one or two more … this year was a TLR and DSLR.   Most people that see my tree never notice them, but I know they’re there.   haha

Here’s another roll of 120 from the Yashica Mat EM, maybe the last one for a while.  It might be time to mix it up a bit.



When I saw this next photo, I had to laugh.   I recently spent an entire day with my DSLR messing with lenses and even made a homemade filter to get shapes in bokeh.   I should have just used film.   I think I finally figured out the light game here.



My son’s loot pile and his favorite friend from year’s past.   Mommy Dog is his best bud.



My happy Lego Master deep in the piles of pieces.



5 thoughts on “Roll 49: Christmas

  1. The shot with the colored light spots made me think of a Talking Heads’ lyric:

    “And all I see is little dots / Some are smeared, some are spots”

    The song was called “Drugs”, not “Christmas Tree Lights”.

    Back in the day when my boss, who is also a terrific photographer, used to shoot film with a Leica, I gave her a Leica ornament. She’s Jewish so she hung it in her darkroom. It was cute and even had a little viewfinder.

    Your son looks like he’s in his bliss with his haul of Legos.


    • I’m now going to listen to that song and insert “Christmas Tree Lights” wherever possible. I’m sure David Byrne will be unimpressed. Haha. And, yes. My son is in complete Lego bliss.

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