Week 4 – Boardwalks

The Parker River National Wildlife Refuge comprises 2/3 of Plum Island and many square miles of the surrounding saltmarshes.  The area is a designated habitat for many species of migratory and endangered birds.  Its secondary mission is to provide access and education to the public.

I live within a short drive (or slightly longer bike ride) from the Refuge.  As a youngster I was always impressed with the plethora of boardwalks installed to facilitate access across the sand dunes to the beach.

Scan-150125-0006 Scan-150125-0005 Scan-150125-0004 Scan-150125-0003 Scan-150125-0002 Scan-150125-0001The day was overcast and the focus is soft, but I like them.

Shot with an Ansco Clipper on Ilford FP4.

Developed in Rodinal 1+25


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