Week#27 (2014): Holidays!

In early July last year the whole Spotmatix family (and one extra boyfriend) took a plane and went on holiday for a week in Lisbon, Portugal.  Here’s (one of the many) rolls that I shot during that holiday trip.  I was using my Olympus XA3 again. Light and small… I was using it every other day, alternating with my Pentax P30n (which, for an SLR, is also quite light and small).  A strategic decision for me when going on a family holiday (as opposed to a photo-only workshop or something).  I remember sweating a lot some years ago when we went to Spain and I had taken some of my heaviest SLR with almost every lens that could fit on it.  Never do that… again.


2 thoughts on “Week#27 (2014): Holidays!

  1. I hear you with the heavy cameras…. I’ve made that mistake a few times!! It can be hard to resist the urge to take everything with you though, especially when you know it might mean missing some shots you really want to take!


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