#4.0 [Pollux]: Film Noir


You can leave the swimming hall and swim outside as well – there is a compelling fog rising up and the colours are magic. But not on this film.

Unlike week two, when I had exposed eight or nine films, this is a calm week with just one roll.

For some months now, I have a certain photograph in mind. Public swimming hall, shower room, the girls being ready and then the first water flushes down, lens looking up in a 45° angle from the ground, so that you see the water flushing in a bow into the direction of the camera. Every time this is happening, I see the girls turning their backs towards the water stream and the expression of their faces is wonderful.


Maybe next time, because this week I got almost nothing from a five dollar disposable underwater camera. I know, disposable plastic toys are bad for the oceans, the plastic garbage isn’t going to disappear by itself and tortures the big fish as well as the turtles and the Krill – I will improve with such things, promised.

The film is a 400 ISO film, but I should have known better. One of my daughters is taking swimming lessons and when I made some pictures of her in the pool, I needed more than ISO 6400 with a 200mm at f/4 for a 1/125 exposure. With a Full Frame DSLR and an outstanding sensor. Now I realized what these grotesque numbers are for. Photographing sports demands it all from your gear – luckily I’m not into it too much.

_DF13183So trying to get decent pictures with a 400 film and an estimated aperture of f/8 or f/5.6 can’t be considered as a sensitive way to deal with your resources. But I was way too curious and the desire to follow the impetus was too strong to resist.

When the lab gave me back the negatives, I was close to throwing away the stripes immediately. They were almost blank. But there were some little darker stripes and dots and the scanner miraculously managed to squeeze at least some recognizable information out of the film.

This shot is my favourite, because of the pose. I didn’t expect to get any pictures, but the way she is lying on the water is nice. She is about to leave the pool and has some sort of styrofoam board under her, this explains her posture.


But I’ll stick to my idea and I’m going to order either a transparent bag or a transparent case for underwater pictures. The cam is going to be the Nikon AF600 with the 28 mm and the built in Flash. I hope its AF system can conquer the difficulties of focussing through a transparent bag! And can the automatic ISO detection (DX) be ignored to push the film up to 1600 or 3200? I sound like a Geek, excuse me.


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23 thoughts on “#4.0 [Pollux]: Film Noir

  1. I like the one on the top. Without your explanation it also could have been a giant glow-worm from outer space, searching for Morpheus´ ship to crack it open…. Thanks for sharing!

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    • “Probably under exposed” is a friendly way to put it mildly. There was hardly any exposure at all, at least I assumed that when looking at the negs and expected a failure with the film transport – at first glance I thought they were completely blank. But they weren’t. Maybe the chemistry is not super doopa fresh, but their squeegee certainly needs a replacement.

      Before I quit I’ve got to give them a chance with a traditionally exposed roll of film.

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