Week 10: still walking around town (part two)

Hi folks, still trying to walk around town and find interesting things to photograph. Week ten was another push-processed roll but hey! strong sunshine came out on the last few days (during which time I took the photographs here), and I was reduced to photographing everything tiny apertures, fast shutter speeds and with a big thick orange filter.

The first photograph – I saw this car with the front hub cap ripped off and just at the right moment, a bicycle showed up. Luckily, as I had said last time around, I had been practicing quick-fire photography with the Leica. And there was a stop-light.



The Hazards of driving in Paris

Then a walk around Luxembourg, and I noticed this statue through the trees for the first time. Yes, I admit I take too many pictures in there, but it is one of my favourite places to take photographs.


A statue, winter sunshine

And I need I need to try to look elsewhere, which is why I too this photograph of the ground and some shadows.


Shadows, winter sunshine.

Walking back to the apartment, I saw this: some oyster shells on a park bench with the legend “not all homeless people are alcoholics’.


“Not all homeless people are alcoholics”

Next week: in the darkroom, at least partially, I hope ! And yes, technical details you know them: all photographs are with an M6 and a Leica Summicron-M 50mm. Film is Tri-X 400 pushed to @1600 in HC110 dil. B for 16mins.


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