52 Rolls Week 14 Roll 6

My first post…and I am behind…but an upcoming spring project will catch me up quickly.
I can’t remember the last time I used color transparency film, but as I opened a drawer I found an old box of Kodak slides, shot in 1981 with my old Minolta. I used to shoot Kodachrome and Ektachrome regularly as R prints were beautiful and who can resist that saturation? I miss it, I detest those digital  presets people use, particularly the ones that are said to mimic the look of film..

My repair guy tells me to “run a roll through that camera once a month to keep it lubricated, don’t let it sit on a shelf” so I try to follow his suggestion. Its a ’70’s era Hasselblad that has been well cared for.

This is FujichromeRPV on a sunny day-maybe not the ideal film for skin tones but the spring sky is lovely. Part of modeling portfolio and enjoying the green the El Nino had graciously provided.

The best part is that they are almost “straight out of scanner”.

The next one will be 4×5…


4 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 14 Roll 6

  1. Hi…love your site! I have hundreds of boxes of slides, plus slides from two of my late cousins, and some of my husband’s relatives. All are 35-mm . I know I could invest in a slide-scanner, but being broke and poor, I’m looking for something good AND inexpensive.

    I like my digital camera, although I still have the Minoltas and Konika my husband used, and my old Nikon… the ones I haven’t given to my photographer son. The main thing I appreciate in the digital is that I can shoot countless pics, load them onto the computer, and they turn out fairly decently…for an amateur. 🙂


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