Kent camera sale

There’s an annual camera sale in Kent, WA, that occupies a gymnasium, and over 100 camera dealers.   I and a friend get sellers’ tables, so we can try to offload some unused stuff, and junk.  And make some money.
Each seller is given a big folding table, or two, if they pay double the $30 sellers’ fee.
I look at the sale as an opportunity to get rid of stuff…….and do a little gear shopping.

I brought along a Minolta X700 and a 15mm f/2.8 lens.


There were so many tables stuffed with cameras & all gear imaginable.
Unfortunately, this is when my camera’s shutter crapped out, and started exposing only half the image.    One of the cloth shutters behaves normally, but the other sticks.  Here are the photos anyway.  😦

[Update: the problem is something about the auto winder I was using.  When I put the winder back on, the curtain works fine.  Take it off, and it does like below.]



Needless to say, this Minolta is going in the trash, or sold for parts.   I found references on the web to similar behavior, but the fix was “just buy another”.
I had shot an event the night before…..and a few shots of that turned out OK, so I’m REALLY hoping that that event’s photos are OK.

A fellow seller & friend shot a pic of me and a friend with an odd Polaroid 600 style camera, that had a sheet of some Impossible film in it.
kent_661I sold a bunch of stuff, much of it for way less than its value, because my aim was to get rid of stuff.   I gave away a bunch of stuff for free, including a box of developing gear (reels, tanks).   I gave some SLRs to a guy who was taking them to a program in Seattle that teaches at-risk or low income kids about photography, called Youth In Focus.       And I took other junk & camera cases to the free table, for the vultures to pick over.      I made about $100.
I didn’t buy too much stuff.    I got a Zenit SLR with a Helios lens for $20,  2 Holgas for $5 each, 2 Ultra Wide & Slim cameras for $5,   a print & two tintypes.


And just for fun, here are some pictures of some cameras at one table.   The woman selling them glues beads & stuff on them.  But they’re still totally functional.


The sale is analog gear heaven, and its hard not to buy stuff.   There is just SO much of everything, covering the whole span of photographic history.



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