Week 12: people really bet on this stuff?

This week, I spent one or two evenings in the recently-restored darkroom churning out prints with a friend from work. I realised towards the end of week that I had been slipping behind in my shooting, so I spent an afternoon on Saturday walking around Paris and along the Seine in the hope of seeing something interesting. The weather was overcast and grey, there weren’t too many people, and I was sorry to have stopped the push processing!  My other objective was to gain a bit of confidence taking photographs rapidly with the Leica.

An opportunity presented itself – I saw this guy with the old stuff under a card / plastic cup gag. The man on the right had a green banknote in his hand, which meant that he was a hundred euros sure that he knew which one it was. I took the photograph rapidly and didn’t hang around to see how badly this ended.


I assure you it is the one the left.

The other two: first, a boat passing under a bridge. Then, near the tour Eiffel you do see a lot of people in wedding dresses, getting their pictures taken…


Another bridge


Don’t trip…

Thanks !

Technical details: all photographs are with an M6 and a Leica Summicron-M 50mm. Film is Tri-X 400 kitchen-developed in HC110 dil. E @ 8mins . 


4 thoughts on “Week 12: people really bet on this stuff?

    • Thanks. It’s lovely. Yes, the problem is once you start shooting with it, it’s hard to try something else. I have only managed half-a-dozen rolls of anything else since I started shooting on film a year ago. I really need to try some TMAX100 at least once :-).


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