Week 13 The Voigtlander goes to Portland


Interior of Pacific Northwest College of Art

In Week 13 I finally got a chance to travel and shoot a lot…so I will have some material to cheat into Week 14, when most of my family was visiting and I got NOTHING shot. Earlier this year I shot a test roll on the Voigtlander Perkeo, a new to me camera, and although my developing results were poor it was clear the camera had potential. I took it along on a trip to Portland for a conference on printmaking, since I wanted both a 35 mm and a medium format camera. Turned out it was a good decision since my favorite child, the Nikon FE, suffered several probably fatal malfunctions while there. But I’ll save those for the next post. Below are selections from several rolls of Ektar 100 which I shot while in Portland. It was my first visit there, so everything was interesting. I haven’t altered any of these shots, so you can see I’m struggling a bit with exposures (since the range of adjustments is somewhat limited) and composition (due to the folding nature of the camera) but I got some shots I’m quite happy with.The above was taken inside PNCA, an arts college on the northern end of “downtown” in a pretty sketchy area. Fascinating building which was apparently a former government building and was “sold” to the school for next to nothing in a effort to help revive the neighborhood (to illustrate, it’s two blocks from the train station and the bus depot – always the best part of any city). Wish I had got more shots of this building.



So many bridges


Springtime on the waterfront


Why is that cone up there?



Springtime comes to Portland, at least for this week


An entire city block filled with food trucks


Pioneer Courthouse downtown

I’m learning more about this camera and think I’ll keep it for a while. I love that it is so portable. The lens is quite good (when I can get the proper focus) and once you figure out how to compensate for the offset lens, composition gets easier. It does occasionally produce a weird effect in the lower left corner, as in the “Passport Photo” picture. I’ve seen it on a few shots, not sure what it is. So the Voigtlander may not be my long term medium format camera but it is working nicely for travel right now.


Across from PNCA


4 thoughts on “Week 13 The Voigtlander goes to Portland

    • Thanks. It looked like it had been a reeeeaaallly long time since anyone needing a passport had been in the neighborhood. And I am still wondering about the cone.

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