Roll 12 – First day of spring.

It’s not often I’ll finish a roll of 35mm in one go but on the 20th March ,the first day of spring the light was perfect.
A short walk around my village with a Canon A-1 / FD50mm 1.4 on expired Kodak Gold 200.
Processed by FilmDev (UK), scanned at home on a Epson V600.
Apologies but I’m posting the whole roll of 24 as they were shot.

Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-1Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-2Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-3Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-4Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-5Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-6Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-7Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-8Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-9Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-10Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-11Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-15Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-14Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-13Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-22Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-23Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-21Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-20Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-18Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-17

Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-16

Newton would be proud.

Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-12Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-24Roll 12_52 Rolls©AndrewGronow-25


5 thoughts on “Roll 12 – First day of spring.

  1. Love that factory. Some very interesting structures there. Especially the shots with the bridge in the foreground.


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