Week 13: 4×5 at Union Station Denver

Revisited the Union Station in Denver Colorado with my Travewide 4×5 camera, 90 mm lens, and some Ilford HP5+. Shot the HP5+ at 400 ISO, developed with D76 , 1:1, and scanned on my Epson V700 bed scanner.

In the first image, I was lucky enough to catch the crane moving, which gave me the interesting streak of lights. I only noticed it after processing the shot.


6 thoughts on “Week 13: 4×5 at Union Station Denver

    • Around 30 seconds. I bracketed because I’d forgotten to bring my reciprocity chart for HP5+. So I matrix metered the lit scene and added a stop. I lucked out because it worked out well.


      • OK, thanks. I’ve always looked upon night photography as a dark art. I’ve had some success with digital but that’s easy, review and adjust. Need to have go with MF.


        • A scene like Union station is pretty evenly lit, so taking a weighted average or matrix metered reading is going to get you pretty close the the optimal exposure. Also keep in mind that you want to over expose negative film anyway. Its the opposite of digital or slides where blowing out your highlights is unrecoverable. I read recently that with color negative film you expose for the weak shadows. Another way to look at that is to over expose by one stop. Then you have to account for reciprocity failure for exposures over one second. How much really depends on the film. Tri-X can be by as much as a factor of 5 or ten. HP5+ was about two stops, and Tmax 100 only a stop. Google the film’s “data sheet ” for the specifics.

          I’d recommend these steps:
          1. Meter off of a lit portion of the scene, trying to avoid the brightest light sources and concentrate on indirectly lit areas.
          2. Take that and add a full stop (or double the time).
          3. For ISO 100 film, if the exposure is over one second, double that exposure. For ISO 400 film multiply it by four.
          4. Bracket by over exposing it further.
          So the top photo was taken at around 45 seconds with HP5+ exposed at ISO 400. I believe it metered at 15 seconds.


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