2 Abandoned Houses in Centralia

Todd, Jana, Monica, Donna, Nate and I went to Centralia for a pinhole meetup.  My pinhole photos aren’t developed yet.   We met in Centralia because some of us are from Seattle, some from Portland.  Centralia is…..a central location.

Before the meetup, Nate and I explored a few abandoned houses we could see from the freeway.  There were more, but we only went into two of them.

I had a Minolta X700, but had foolishly not brought any film. Nate gave me a roll of Ilford ISO 400.
I love abandoned anything.  Even houses.   We drove past some guys on the street a few doors down, and waved in a friendly way.   Later, one of them drove past us, checking us out.  It was especially apparent that he wasn’t just driving by because it the end of the street, and we were looking at the last 2 houses at the end of the street.  We left soon after.





Before we met up with the others, we hit a yard sale, where I picked up a Chinon SLR with a f/3.5 zoom lens for $5 total.    Its battery is still fine.  Seems to work great.    Amazing that SLR prices have dropped so much.
My first SLR was a Pentax ME Super, which I felt lucky to buy off my uncle with a few lenses in ~1986 for around $250.  That *was* an amazing deal at the time.   These days, that ME Super sells for around $10 or $20.
It’s the best time to be a film photographer, because the gear is so cheap.    And if you have a cheap place to process your film, all the better.     (I develop all my own black & white in Diafine.  I take my 35mm color print to the drugstore which develops for $3.75/roll.  Everything else I send to CitizensPhoto in Portland for their great prices.)


4 thoughts on “2 Abandoned Houses in Centralia

  1. These pics are great, thank you! And they leave me with a sad feeling…. those places had been alive one time, with people having built them to live there. What might have happened to them? – And why are abandonned places always scenes of aggression and destruction?


  2. I drove through Centralia a couple weeks back! Sadly I didn’t have enough time to stop other than a quick Instagram shot. I plan on coming back through in late October on my way back home from Washington, DC.


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