Week 13: Putting the “Rodin” back in “Rodinal”

A few weekends ago there was some pleasant Sunday sunshine, so I decided to go down to the “Musée Rodin” which I haven’t been to since they renovated the main building. And in fact, the gardens were partially closed the last time I was there too, so it was certainly a good idea to return.  I’ve not been there with all my analogue cameras. The gardens are very beautiful, and of course there are some very interesting sculptures there. Here are a few:


Sculpture 1


Sculpture 2

I also brought along a very beautiful Rollei 2.8 C that a friend has loaned me. Unfortunately, almost every photograph I had taken with it up until now was out of focus! I wasn’t sure why at first, but examining the camera carefully it turns out this was because the film selector switch on the back plate was not exactly in the right position. Agh. It was not all the way towards the ‘6×6’. On my day out, I shot a few photographs both inside and outside, and they all turned out very well. Here are a few:


With the Rollei (1)


With the Rollei (2): Inside

The Rollei photographs were developed in Rodinal, and for fun I decided to switch to Rodinal for the 35mm photographs too. It looks crunchier and sharper than the HC110. I’m not sure if it is good for everything, but it certainly looks different. When I get some time, I would like to go to the darkroom to see how it prints differently from HC110 which I normally use.

And here is the last photograph from this week, another one taken in a park, this time closer to here:


Are you going to open that gate?

Thanks! Technical details: Film is Tri-X 120/135 @400 ISO. Developer: Rodinal 1+50 @20c 13mins. Rollei 2.8 / Leica M6 + 50mm Summicron f/2.0. 


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