Week 14:Svema Color and a sad demise


As I mentioned in Week 13, I shot a lot of film while in Portland so I am using some of it to cheat my Week 14 wherein a large portion of my immediate family landed in my house, created a tornado, and then departed leaving me with only fond memories and a lot of tiny Legos underfoot. So this roll is from the previous week but this whole “roll a week” thing is more like a set of guidelines than actual rules, right?

So…I’ve shown some of the results from the Voigtlander I took along on the trip. The other camera I took was my always favorite Nikon FE which has been on many trips, including being the only camera I took to Peru, where it tragically developed a light leak unbeknownst to me. Still I forgave it, took it to the doctor to be patched up, and kept it always with me. In Portland I came face to face with the mortality of my beloved favorite. I won’t go into the long tragic story but several barely salvaged rolls of film later, we limped home and I confirmed there was something very wrong with the film transport mechanism. At this point, I had to make the choice to replace it for a lot less than it would cost to make the repairs (since I am NOT handy). I still have all my great lenses and will be using them on the “new” FE I purchased….but I’ve kept it in a place of honor on a shelf. That being said, it sacrificed its last breaths to let me test some Svema 125 color film. I’ve used the Svema 64 black and white and like it a lot but never tried the color. Below are some of the shots that survived the trauma.

I definitely like the palette and versatility of this film and will be ordering some more to continue experimenting. I will miss my dear friend but at least it died doing what it loved.



4 thoughts on “Week 14:Svema Color and a sad demise

  1. I hope its just a guideline. I sometime shoot 2-3 rolls a week because I know with the Holgas, some of my experiments won’t turn out…….


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