Week 12, Pinhole Fun

Along with the panoramic pinhole from Week 11, I got a prototype 6×4.5 pinhole from Vermeer. One thing I love about both of these designs compared to my other Vermeer pinholes is the integral filter ring, which makes it easy to add ND filters or color filters for b&w. In this case, I shot most all of these with a #25 red filter and alternated between vertical and horizontal orientation (portrait/landscape). I used my little Joby Gorillapod for all the shots. Film is Kodak TMax 400, developed in Rodinal 1+25 for 6 minutes. I’ll have to make a small modification to the camera to create some separation between shots as most had a small overlap, making cutting the negatives and scanning more difficult than normal cameras.

I tried a couple shots in my home office with just my small office light. This exposure was about 3 hours if I recall. At F280, that sure doesn’t pick up much light.





We had an early Spring snowfall which coated all the trees. It started off as freezing rain then changed to sleet and wet snow, so it stuck to the tree limbs pretty well. I knew the ‘winter wonderland’ feel wouldn’t last long.



Because the Joby is rather low to the ground, I could get some different perspective shots.


This shot I wrapped the Joby legs around some wood pallets.

This is the set-up shot, taken with my dSLR and a Lensbaby double optic.

And one on the rusty wreck of a car itself. This is my favorite of the roll, and one I will try to print with traditional darkroom techniques.

It’s a fun little camera, though I think I will have to smooth some edges where the film rides across, I noticed some linear scratches that show up in the scans. I also wish my film scanner had better film holders–the TMax seemed to curl a little laterally, so it was hard to get it flat for scanning.


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