52 Rolls Week 16:52

Couldn’t get out until this weekend to photograph interesting places or things, so last week I stayed close to home and worked with the Holga Special Effects Lens set.  Below my neighbor Adam’s Ducks revisited:


Another neighbor has landscaped his front yard with old farm equipment.  Click Here to find out what it actually is:


We live very near one of our town’s reservoir’s.  So All runoff from the street flows directly to it.  So No Dumping Please!


My Peonies, which we were able to protect from both the Blizzard and last week’s snow.  Almost ready to bloom now.  So I’ll have an gardening update to post soon……


Still having some winding problems with the WOCA, so a few small light leaks.  But I think I’ve solved the problem.  We’ll see on the next Woca roll.  A special cross walk light was installed near the park due to speeders.


Sad but true, burglaries are common (although not on my street).  But we have an alarm system just in case.


We’ve had some of our own landscaping recently.  Here, stone thrown aside in the yard while the work was in progress.


Me in my backyard (or garden as you would say in Europe).


Tech Info: Woca, Provia 400, Holga Special Effects Lens Set. Scanned and developed by OldSchoolPhotoLab, New Hampshire.

I am switching my color film capture for this project to Kodak Portra (160 & 400).  E-6 processing is too expensive to use on a regular basis.  I’ll save my transparency film for workshops and road tips.


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