Week 16 – Aberystwyth ……… The Garw Valley & lens test

Week 16 is a roll that has been in my OM2S for over 3 weeks actually and is a mixture of our visit to Amy in Aberystwyth Uni then home here in the sunny Garw valley and the last shot was a test of the Tamron 35-70 f3.5 Macro that I picked up a while back.

I loaded the OM2S with some expired Fuji Superia 400 a few weeks ago with the intention of completing the roll on our trip to see our daughter but the weather was pretty rough luckily there was the tail end of a vintage car rally going on so I managed to shoot a 3rd of the roll.

I finished off the roll back home when we had a rare glimpse of the sun here in Wales last week and this is where Superia really shines, even though it was long expired the colours were lovely compared to what I got the week before in dark gloomy light.

Yes there was quite a bit of grain but I can put up with that.

I realised when I got back home from my walk that I still had a frame left to shoot so I tested out the Tamron 35-70’s macro capabilities and as the image shows you can get in pretty close I think I shot it at f4 as the light was going down at the time and I was hand holding so the DOF is pretty shallow but on a tripod and at f8+ this lens is pretty sharp and very versatile.

As usual the film was Processed and Scanned by filmdev.co.uk


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