52 Rolls Week 17:52

Well, Spring has Sprung, sort of………Fighting a running battle to keep my flowers alive during multiple Spring Snow Storms…….Snow/rain mix today, but that’s Springtime along the Colorado Front Range.

In the midst of some new landscaping we were hit with more snow.  Below my attempt to ‘save’ my tulips and daffodils under the covers:


And with some Success:

When just a few days earlier it had been Springtime:

Upper left and moving clockwise: (1) Lake Waneka (actually a reservoir).  Had been drained most of the winter to replace a valve.  Now restored for the summer months to come. (2-3) Flowering fruit trees.  Mostly ornamental and not producing fruit. (4) My neighbor Adam’s tulips, with Donald (husband) and Andy (dog) on our morning walk.


Tech Info: Woca, FujiColor Pro 400 (C-41), Developed and Scanned by OldSchool Photo Lab, New Hampshire.


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