Week 15 : A Neighborhood Tour

Yet another week saved by my willingness to continue to spend stupid amounts of money on mediocre Impossible film. Hopefully version 3, based on the beta I tested and liked much more, will be out soon.Also I swear I’m actually caught up on shooting, just haven’t done all the developing and scanning.  Meanwhile, I took this pack a couple weeks ago and went up the hill from my house to a little street called Crest Drive. It’s, not surprisingly, at the crest of the hill. It’s an area once rural but which due to the decent (though over a mile away) views of the ocean has experienced a lot of McMansioning in the last ten years. But there are still plenty of chicken coops, rusted trucks, holistic healing retreats and veterinarian establishments. It’s what passes for diversity in my neck of the woods. My favorite spot, though the shot didn’t some out that well, was the Little Lending Library. Usually you see these in urban areas, and it doesn’t seem like a lot of idlers in search of a good read stroll down this street (mostly people purposefully marching with their large dogs). Next time I’ll check out the selection.




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