Week 14: Worldwide Pinhole Day

April 24th of this year is Worldwide Pinhole Day. So to join in I replaced my 90 mm lens on my 4×5 Travelwide camera with the pinhole that comes with the camera.

I shot with sheets of Ilford Delta 100 film and the pinhole was equivalent to f/128. A number of the images had light leaks, so some of these images are cropped to remove that portion of the image.

The subjects were locations around Boulder County.


4 thoughts on “Week 14: Worldwide Pinhole Day

  1. These are nice. How long were your exposures? I have yet to try pinhole photography successfully. I tried twice to build my own from stuff around the house and both were epic fails. So now I am awaiting the arrival of my Ondu wide format pinhole which I backed on Kickstarter almost a year ago….sigh.


    • I’ve got a 1st generation of the Ondu camera. Its a beautiful camera, but has some design issues, specifically my film scratches on the backing. So I’m waiting for the second generation to come out as well. Freestyle has a number of pinholes, but the paint can one is the cheapest http://www.freestylephoto.biz/637546-Merlin-Paint-Can-Pinhole-Camera-1-Quart

      I’ll have to look up the exact exposures, but I started by assuming that the pinhole was equivalent to f/256. I then metering for 100 ISO film, and added more time as a correction for reciprocity. So the base exposure was around 5-10 seconds, but the reciprocity pushed that up to 50 seconds. I found this was over exposing my shots, so I then tried puling back one stop (equivalent to assuming f/128) and adding the extra time for reciprocity. That seemed to create negatives with better density. If you print out the data sheet for the film it will specify the amount of time needed for exposures over 1 second. High ISO films require more added time than slower films.


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