Tintype portrait

I’ve always meant to get into tintype, but I can’t seem to find the time and focus (and money) to actually do it.    So what’s the next best thing?  Have your portrait made by some friends who do it well.

Scotland and I  went over to the studio of Henrietta’s Eye, near pioneer square in Seattle (Facebook, Etsy, Web) to sit for a portrait.
Henrietta’s Eye does 4x5s and 5x7s.    We elected to do the 5x7s.
I brought along the Minolta x700 that I’m eternally trying to finish off a roll of film (but then load another), and a Fuji GA645Wi.

Watching them make the tintypes was really interesting, and it was great to be in the middle of the process.    They have a big old camera, and a counter for all the chemicals nearby.

I didn’t want to interfere with making the tintypes, so I didn’t use a flash.
Here’s my Minolta photos (not in chronological order)img_134img_135img_136img_137img_138img_139img_141img_144img_146img_148img_152img_154img_157img_160img_163img_167img_170

And my Fuji 645 shots.   I mistakenly brought along film that was too slow, just ISO 100, and the camera’s widest aperture is f/4, so a lot of my shots were blurry due to slow shutter speed.img_253img_254img_257img_258img_259img_265img_267

And here’s the pic they made of me:Hank1_1200

Tintypes truly are magical, and any digital representation of them does not compare to seeing them in real life.  They have a life in them that doesn’t come across on a computer screen.   There’s a whole lot of tonality and shine and depth to them that doesn’t come across in a scan.

I’m going to get the actual tintype this week sometime.   They had to hold onto them to dry and varnish them.   But I saw them that day.     They made 2 of me in the same pose.  They’re similar, but the lighting is very different.   Just from re-positioning the lights.

If you have anyone locally who can make tintypes, I’d encourage you to get them made.  They endure like no other photo.

P.S.  Ether smells fantastic.


5 thoughts on “Tintype portrait

  1. Fantastic! Now I know that I’ll be bringing my full Napolionic British military uniform (War of 1812, 7/60th) to Photostock to see if I can get a portrait done.

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