Week 14: the struggle is real.

roid week - Version 7roid weekroid week - Version 2roid week - Version 4roid week - Version 5roid week - Version 6roid week - Version 8roid week - Version 9roid week 1I’ve been really struggling with this project recently, and was really on the verge of giving it up.  Actually, keeping up with the shooting isn’t the real problem, I’ve shot consistently for the last few weeks even though I haven’t posted.  One problem is that there are issues with the TL70’s behaviour in bright sunshine and summer is well and truly doing it’s thing here, even at the smallest aperture anything in bright sunshine is totally wiped out.  There are rumours of an ND filter in the pipeline, but no date confirmed yet.  I don’t really have a  problem specifically with the scanning, which is a bit of a chore but I’m not really behind on it.  The main problem seems to be trying to find something interesting to say.  For that reason I’m going to have a couple of weeks just letting the photos to speak for themselves.  Please bear with me.  I’m hoping to be back in the swing of things soon.  Week 14 from the Beijing world flower garden.


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