Week 15: 15/52 The Frankenroid



Converted Polaroid

Right at the beginning of Polaroid Week, I received this gorgeous Polaroid 250 conversion from Ernie, a friend of mine through Facebook and Instagram. I have followed his Polaroid engineering feats of genius for quite a while now and a little while back he surprised me by saying he would lend me one of his conversions. To say I was/am excited is an understatement.

To start, this lens is a Tokinon 127/f4. Its not coated so therefore I have to be careful when shooting with any direct light, as he mentioned to me and as I just recently found out while shooting in NYC. I had to relearn how to focus with these land cameras as my little Colorpack is pretty much just guess and shoot with how many feet you are from your subject being your only way to really measure focus. My first few shots with this were blah to say the least. Here is an example of me being over confident and trying out a double exposure right off the bat.


so much blurry goodness

When I finally got the focus down, then I needed to keep in mind  quirks with the lens (no direct sunlight, shoot mostly in early morning or late afternoon, etc) So, I started using my handheld meter with it.


my not so cooperative daughter

That was the first image from the camera that I really loved.


The main thing I’m learning with this is that since the lens is not multi-coated and the Fuji pack film is not the same as a print negative or black and white negative that I don’t have the latitude that I would normally have with negatives, so when I use my incident light meter, sometimes my exposure is WAY off.


my first attempt at a longer exposure, but with the over cast day and the incident reading it blew out most of the detail.

These last few are actually from this past weekend when we went into NYC and I gave the Frankenroid some serious tests. Here is an example of when there is too much direct light.


The Spirit of the Flatiron Building

When ambient light metering works. (in the shade or at dusk pointing AWAY from the sun)


New York Skyline at dusk


Waiting on a train

When ambient/incident light metering does not work- pointing towards the sunset.


Anyways, this has all been a lovely experimentation into the limits of Fuji pack film as well as testing the limits of the Polaroid conversion camera. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this camera and can’t wait to do more tests with it, especially the longer exposures.

This camera is such a joy to use and as all of my vintage Polaroid cameras are, quite the conversation starter. In NYC I actually had a woman come right up to me while I was taking a picture of my husband and daughter buying ice cream and hold up her DSLR and take a photo of ME taking a picture with the Polaroid, lol. That made my day.

Anyways, I hope you all have a filmtastic week 🙂



One thought on “Week 15: 15/52 The Frankenroid

  1. Like the first image – the reflection, the artifact on the top left corner adds some uniqueness to things.


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