Roll 14 – No one said it would be easy….

Apathy has featured greatly in my life recently.
Add procrastination, anxiety and a little self pity; you get the picture.
The primary reason of challenging myself to 52 Rolls was to get me out of my own head.
This is still a work in progress…

Recent trip to Barcelona saw me pack a Canon F-1, and two primes. I travel light.
Armed with a dozen rolls of Vista 200 I managed to shoot just three the entire week, this is a selection of one.

Roll 14©AndrewGronow-5Roll 14©AndrewGronow-4Roll 14©AndrewGronow-1Roll 14©AndrewGronow-9Roll 14©AndrewGronow-12

Roll 14©AndrewGronow-11


Roll 14©AndrewGronow-10Roll 14©AndrewGronow-8Roll 14©AndrewGronow-2Roll 14©AndrewGronow-7Roll 14©AndrewGronow-6Roll 14©AndrewGronow-3

Roll 14©AndrewGronow-15

Alejandro Ruiz

Roll 14©AndrewGronow-13Roll 14©AndrewGronow-14


6 thoughts on “Roll 14 – No one said it would be easy….

  1. I agree, the portrait of your son is lovely. Many nice shots here. Agfa Vista 200 never disappoints, in my experience. I’m going to Iceland soon and am considering just filling my backpack with it and nothing else.


    • Iceland with just Vista? You’re braver than me. I could never decide on which film to take there.
      Look forward to the results..
      Thanks for your comment.


      • Well I’ll probably take some other film too…can’t be too prepared. I’m thinking some Svema 125 and Portra 400 for my medium format Voigtlander.

        Liked by 1 person

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