Week 16: Tokyo

So, I spent a few days in Tokyo, and also went to Kashiwa, a suburb of Tokyo, for two days for a meeting.  Tokyo probably has just as many photographic cliches as Paris, and I don’t think I will be able to avoid all of them in this post so I am warning you in advance!

For the first time I put something other than 400-speed film in my Leica. However, the day started out bright and sunny but by the afternoon it was overcast and raining, which really made it difficult to take the photographs I wanted to take. The first photograph is a crowd photograph, which was a bit challenging given the slow film speed.



The Tokyo crowd photograph

And then of course the billboard:


You can have a nice suit too.


And it will make you smile!

This slow high-res film I think is better for pictures in the park, like these ones, but to me they look a bit weird (plastic-like?), after looking at so much Tri-X:


In the parks of the Imperial palace (1)


In the parks of the imperial palace (2)


Now, back to Tri-X, whew! Time for the ‘sign photograph’:


The sign photograph

The last two photographs were taken in Kashiwa. This is a bit what it felt like:


Kashiwa (1)



Kashiwa (2)

That’s it. Next week, a selection of photographs from Kyoto (all the photographs this week were 50mm/M6 but with a mix of Tri-X and TMAX-100).


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