Old unwrapped roll bleed

Well, lesson learned.

I shot an old roll of Ilford HP5.  I forget how old it was, but it was at least a decade, because I remember shooting at ISO 200 instead of the ISO 400 it was originally rated at.

The light really bled through the paper over those years.  Here’s the paper:EBZ_363

And here are the terrible pictures.


My friend made cardboard ocean-themed things for work, and brought them to the party.


Wasn’t so bad on this one.


This would have been a really great pic.


I tried to convince myself that these pictures were arty………but I’d really just rather have the pictures without all the bleeding and holes and numbers.




7 thoughts on “Old unwrapped roll bleed

  1. I know how much this hurts … I had this problem with a couple of “fresh” rolls of TMAX 400 (120) … and I had some important photos in them …

    What can you say …


  2. I’m glad to know this is a problem. I love to shoot expired film but look like I should stick to 35mm for that. I actually do like some of these.


  3. I know it wasn’t your intent…….that’s why I don’t ‘play’ with expired films. But these are really great effects if you were intending to do Experimental Photography……


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