Week 16: NCAR’s Mesa Lab

This week I’m going to focus on an outing to photograph an icon of local architecture. The National Center for Atmospheric research’s Mesa Lab building, in Boulder Colorado, was completed in 1967 by the architect IM Pei. The Mesa Lab building brought him a great deal of recognition as an architect. The Mesa lab is an example of the brutalist style of architecture, which often looks like a bunker, popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s.


This is a secondary patio of the complex that overlooks Boulder and Denver to the east, northwest, and south east, respectively.


Outdoor stairwell leading from the parking lot to the main entrance.


Interesting arched doorways in the rear of the building.


South side of the complex.


These images were made with my Travelwide 4×5 camera, 90 mm lens, Ilford Delta 100 film, developed in D76 developers and scanned on an V700 flat bed scanner.


5 thoughts on “Week 16: NCAR’s Mesa Lab

  1. Continued proof that brutalism if applied right can be beautiful! Also, I’m glad this was the Mesa Labs, and not Black Mesa 😉

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