52 Rolls Week 19:52

For the next two weeks I’ll be featuring Doors Open Denver, an event sponsored by the Denver Architectural Foundation.  The event allows behind the scenes access and guided tours of famous architectural sites around town.  Check out last year’s event HERE.


Of course with the Holga, I wasn’t going to be taking many indoor photos. Above at the Denver Post looking out towards the City-County Building at the Civic Center. Denver has a consolidated City and County government.  Towns and Cities in Colorado get complicated with 5 different City Charter-types allowed by law.


From the middle of the Civic Center (completed in 1919), looking at the City-County Building above (facing east) and the State Capitol Building (completed in 1894), below, facing west:


Not a large building as Capitols go, but I never get tired of photographing it:


And on the opposite corner, the New State Courthouse, where we had a guided tour by the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, Nancy Rice.

Below: North Entrance to Civic Center Park, with the Art Museum visible in the background through the arch.


And a final glimpse of some unusual Public Art near the Museum. Human for scale:


Tech Info: Holga 120S, T-Max 400. Orange Holga Filter. Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab, NH.



One thought on “52 Rolls Week 19:52

  1. Thanks for the ‘Likes’. Just working my way back through the past two weeks of everyone’s postings. Spent last weekend in a Salted Print Workshop, so I fell behind.


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