Roll 15 – Barcelona Part two.

On my recent family trip to Barcelona I became so engrossed in the city that I didn’t shoot a fraction of what I intended. On arrival I just knew one week was not going to be enough to take in the history and culture.
Although my wife and son were very patient with me I’m always aware that I’m not there just to take photos and balancing my interests to theirs is key.
Nevertheless, I managed a few rolls through a Canon F-1, all Agfa Vista 200 which I just love. It may not have the quality of Portra but it allows me to shoot every day if I want to.
The photos below were made on a walk from our hotel up to the 1992 Olympic park.


4 thoughts on “Roll 15 – Barcelona Part two.

  1. How do you find travelling with film? Does security hassle you or just do a hand search without arguing? In the USA it can be a big hassle getting them to so a hand search.


    • Never had a problem with fogging. Guess it would be different with several passes through multiple airports though. Film goes in my hand luggage and i just forget about it. Thanks for asking.


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