52:500c – Week 19 – The Gully

It’s not my usual faire, shooting low and close up. But sometimes to keep things fresh you have to get in low and close. Usually when I’m shooting nature I shoot landscapes, big, wide, small apertures, big sky, trees. So I had to make a conscious effort in this case to simply not. Focus on the details right? Well it certainly was a departure. But I was really happy with the results!



I’m lucky in the fact that I have a beautiful valley with creek and trails right behind the Sheridan campus where I work, so at lunch I headed down, tripod on shoulder, camera, meter, filters all in bag. And I really did have the intention of shooting big. The valley had other ideas and presented me with a high school gym class running around playing tag and various other wide games. So much for that idea; all was not lost because there was still plenty to shoot!



I pulled the film a stop, opened the aperture, and got the tripod as low as I could and started to see a whole other part of the trail. It was refreshing to see some of the more photogenic aspects of the park! While I may not always do this, I really like the results! Also of note, I pulled RPX 100 down to 50 and am really happy with the behavior! Shame there’s not more times for pulling the film in a more high contrast developer.




Hasselblad 500c – Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm 1:2.8 – Rollei RPX 100 @ ASA-50
Kodak Xtol (1+1) 8:30 @ 20C
Meter: Pentax Spotmeter V
Scanner: Epson V700
Editor: Adobe Photoshop CC (2015)


10 thoughts on “52:500c – Week 19 – The Gully

  1. Awesome photos! I live in Washington state and our hikes look much different! Check out my post from yesterday to see what the wet Pacific Northwest looks like! lovewhatswild.wordpress.com or my instagram @lovewhatswild

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  2. I like the photographs, especially the composition and the optical quality of the lens, but I’ve got the feeling they might look better on baryta. The scanning process needs some finishing (from my perspective) – it’s like having RAW data from the camera which needs to be interpreted.

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    • Thanks! I really like the out-of-focus look of the 80mm Planar! Occationally you can get the ‘swirl’ effect


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