Week 16, PPP: Pano Pinhole w/Portra

This was my Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day outing, and I decided to cross-process with my first batch of E-6 chems. Other than having more items to mix than C-41, I didn’t find it anymore difficult. Just get the chems and distilled water up to temp in a hot water bath (my sink, hot tap water and some additional boiling water), then shake-n-bake for the required time. E-6 does seem to take longer (6.5, 4.5 and 10 w/ 5 min wash) vs C-41 (3.5, 6, 3 min wash, 30 secs), but man pulling these out of the tank I knew I either did it right or screwed up. With C-41, despite having home developed at least 40 or 50 rolls, I still can’t read them very well.

One other thing that surprised me was that the color negative actually came out a positive with the E-6 chems. Not sure what I was expected, I guess just a color-shifted negative.

It seems I probably underexposed a few shots, which seems to have shifted to kind of cool, purple color through the shadow areas. I also had very different perspectives on a couple shots, using the full height of my trip, plus the center post raised to full height. I could just reach the shutter slide, so it must have been at about 7.5 ft (~2.3m). I didn’t quite get the camera level on one shot and it is a little to the right and pointed down some.

Shot the Vermeer Panoramic Pinhole 6×17 loaded up with Kodak Portra 160, fitted with a 0.9 neutral density filter (3 stop).
Location: Gillette’s Castle State Park, East Haddam CT.
Most exposures (at EI 100) were about 1:30.

Oh I should point out the CT River ferry you can kind of see in the 3rd image. It moves slow enough to sort of show up.

We have Purple

We have Purple

Got Level?

Got Level?

CT River

CT River

Full Height

Full Height


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