Week 18: Roll 18- Olympus Om1n with TMAX 100



Alone- Olympus Om1n- TMAX 100

This roll started when I was leaving NYC, so it shows two rather huge dynamics: the hustle and bustle of a large city and the quiet of a backyard adventure. It also shows how hard it is for me to finish a roll of film since it was literally the last day of the week that I finish the roll and technically rolled it into the next week. I don’t know what it is, but 36 exposures is just a lot when you’re back home and not able to get out much. My other post will show more photos from the city that were taken the day before, and since it’s technically the previous week, I’m going to cheat and use that as my week 17.

TMAX 100 and the skyscrapers and cloudy/rainy days of NYC made it difficult for my trusty Olympus. Most of my shots were almost wide open with the bare minimum for shutter speeds. Note to self: Tri-X 400 on my next trip. But that’s where the beauty of the newer t-grain films and developing your own film come in handy. I knew I would probably have to under expose most of my shots, so I just developed a little longer at a higher dilution with Hc-110 to help compensate and also try to keep detail in my shadows. Now, the unedited version of this photo, the skies look gray and kind of grainy. In fact, the skies were over cast, so I had to make a decision to bump up the contrast and blow out the sky a little in order to keep the focus on the streets and the people. My other roll of TMAX, it was a bright sunny day so it was a lot easier to keep the detail in both the sky and street.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Street photography is not really my forte. I’m too shy to go up and ask people to take their photos and I am not good at composing a photo when everything around me is moving at a million miles per hour. Now flowers, I’m the bomb.com at. I’m sure flowers are way over photographed, but every time I see a beautiful flower in bloom, my shutter release button finger itches like crazy and I just HAVE to photograph it. Give me some nice golden hour light on top of it and I’m in floral photography heaven. Here are a few shots that I used to finish off the roll of my daughter and her little teacup bouquet and some beautiful little backyard flowers.


If I’m in heaven when it’s golden hour and there’s beautiful flowers around, imagine how I feel when there’s rain drops on the flowers to top it off. It’s like the trifecta. 😀


And with that, I leave you. I had a cool photo of strawberries too, but I didn’t think it fit with the whole NYC vs Garden aspect of the post, so if you want to see it, because I know you do, go here and follow along with my images from the 52 weeks project.

Have a filmtastic week!


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