Week 19: Field Trip

This week I tested out the Nikon FE body which I purchased to replace my deceased one which had been many places with me and will be sorely missed. RIP. The new one is not as pretty (all black instead of the metal trim) but seems to be quite as functional with my Nikkor f/1.4 50 mm lens. I decided to shoot a roll of Bergger 400, a somewhat obscure film which I like a lot. I also used this roll as an opportunity to try out some multiple exposure (in this case 4) shots since it was kind of a gloomy day. I drove down to the lagoon nature preserve which is literally a mile from my house but which I almost never visit. It’s often full of local elementary school children on field trips but this day there were few people. The scene was quite atmospheric, with an overcast sky and overhanging branches everywhere.


As I walked westward I came to the open portion of the lagoon where it begins to mix with the incoming ocean waters. Here you can see many migrating birds at various times of the year. The views across the lagoon toward the ocean are lovely (although more spectacular on a sunny day).

I encountered a group of seniors from a nearby residential facility out for a stroll, all with their walkers (on a gravel and dirt path, mind you). Some were determined to have a good stroll while others just sat and took in the view, along with some local lizards.

Finally, here are two of my multiexposure shots which I was quite pleased with. Both are a total of four exposures. Due to the nature of the multiple exposure button on this camera a certain amount of movement is inevitable but I think it adds to the effect. The shot across the lagoon was an attempt to capture the train in motion as it passed.


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