Week 18: Colorado Railroad Museum

Going back through things I discovered a pair of rolls from the spring that I never posted. I set it aside since it was shot on 120 film and I’d started focusing on 4×5.

So on a cold morning on the last day of March, we ventured to the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden Colorado to photograph train cars and steam engines. I shot with my Mamiya 6, a wide angle 50 mm lens, orange filter, and Kodak T-max 100 film. The negatives were lab processed and scanned by the “Old School Photo Lab.”

We start with engine 191, the oldest surviving engine in Colorado from the 1880’s.

I then tried a closer crop.

The rail cars provided fantastic texture.

Endless  compositions of mechanical parts.

Old train depot.

I liked the abstract nature of the foot prints in the snow and the diagonal lines from the tracks.

An extremely weathered open car.


5 thoughts on “Week 18: Colorado Railroad Museum

  1. Rail museums make for fantastic subjects to shoot! There’s one about a 45 minute drive from where I like that covers the history of the narrow gauge radial rail system through Southern Ontario which will be showing up later in the summer on the project!


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