Week 19: More Colorado Railroad Museum

This is the second roll from a trip to the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden Colorado the last day of March this spring.

So on a cold morning on the last day of March, we ventured to the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden Colorado to photograph train cars and steam engines. I shot with my Mamiya 6, a wide angle 50 mm lens, orange filter, and Kodak T-max 100 film. The negatives were lab processed and scanned by the “Old School Photo Lab.”

Here is another shot of engine 191, made from a low angle.


Under the boilers ice had reformed making some nice scenes.



Humping is method used to sort freight cars. It involves the use of a man-made hill, or hump. A track heads up the hill and branches into numerous parallel tracks on its way down the other side. To make up new trains, a switch engine pushes a string of cars to the top of the hump, where the cars are uncoupled one at a time. Having determined the car’s destination, a worker in a nearby tower switches the track to get it to its proper destination. The car is then given a nudge, causing it to roll down the hump and onto the right track.


The advantage of humping is that it’s a lot faster than having switch engines shuttle back and forth all day making up trains. The disadvantage is that it’s sometimes a little rough on the freight cars and their contents.

Cars with especially delicate contents are marked DO NOT HUMP, which tells the yard crew to set the car aside for special handling.



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