Republic of Anamorphic Pinhole

@theschlem was kind enough to lend me a pinhole camera made from a Republic of Tea can, and a 3D printed shutter he printed.
It’s similar to his coffee can, but it’s made with a tea can.  The pinhole is at the top of the can, not the side.  This makes an anamorphic image.  It twists architecture.

The f-stop differs along the film, the further away from the shutter it is.  I just went with the middle aperture.IMG_3595

It takes one sheet of 4×5 film at a time.    I shot some 50 speed black & white, and estimated exposure with Pinhole Assist.

I went to see a movie at SIFF‘s Secret Cinema with some friends.  The movie was at the Egyptian Theater, in Seattle.
After the movie, I stood on the sidewalk near some poles, and faced toward the entrance of the theater, and shot the picture with the camera on a tripod (tripod mount also 3D printed).   I stood near the red X.Capture

Note the white masonry in the shot.
Here’s what I got:img-063

Check out that masonry!

At the bottom of the photo, you can see the frame of the shutter.   I need to push the film further into the camera next time.

I developed it at home in Diafine.
I look forward to playing with this one more.   Gotta bring a dark bag and more 4×5 film in a box, but it’s not that hard to load and unload it.



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