52 Rolls Week 21:52

A bit late with my posting due to the Holiday Weekend….Memorial Day here in the US.


If I said this was the last image you would ever see of the Colorado State Capitol Building here, I’d be lying.  So I won’t promise that.  We revisited this location on a sunny day during Doors Open Denver. Click Here to see more images of my favorite Downtown Subject, as viewed from the State Supreme Courthouse; and here to take a Tour of the Courthouse.

Above, views of the recently restored Union Train Station.  Across America there are Multiple ‘Union Stations’. It’s not an original name.  Before 1900, most Railroad Companies maintained separate Train Depots.  This made transfers between Companies difficult.  Around 1900 cities began to build ‘Union Stations’, meaning that all the train lines came to a single train station.  I grew up with a beautiful Art Deco Union Terminal in my hometown, which is now a museum and still a train station with very limited service.  The Train through Denver is the Chicago to San Francisco line.


Above, typical Denver glass buildings, often with interesting reflections.  Below in the distance a view of the Famous Brown Palace Hotel, where we had a behind the scenes tour for Doors Open Denver last year.



Here two views of Lower Downtown or the ‘Lodo’ District of Denver.  Actually the north side of town near the train station.  An Old warehouse district and now ‘hip and trendy’ hang out full of bars and restaurants.  I love photographing the ‘Ghost Images’ on the old warehouses.  We saw the Barteldes Seed Company last week, and here below, The Ice House (now a restaurant) and above the SH Supply Company, and old hotel livery and now an Art Gallery. Fortunately these signs are often restored and maintained as part of the renovation.


So that’s the end of Doors Open Denver 2016……………

Tech Info:  Holgas 120s, T-Max 400 film.  Scanned and Developed by our friends at Old School Photo Lab.


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