Week 17 – Brighton Mk2


©2016 Photo: Dave Nash

©2016 Photo: Dave Nash

I very rarely shoot colour film, I don’t know why. Well that’s not really true, I do know why, it’s the added expense of getting them developed, and I am a very impatient which mean I go to the expensive place and get the 1 hour service. I really have to change this as would like to shoot more. Or perhaps learn to develop it myself at home.

Anyway, if you saw my previous post, I was down in Brighton last weekend. I only went down for the day, just to get out of the house and London for a short time. As you can see from the images, it chucked it down, so I didn’t get to shoot as long as I had intended. I ended up meeting with a friend and going for a beer. OOPS!

Anyway. These are taken on Kodak Portra 400, all over exposed by one stop. They are the scans that the shop provided me with and I am not happy with them to be honest and I think I will be re-scanning them when I get a chance. I have also added a double exposure here, which was done completely by mistake, but I quick like it anyway.


4 thoughts on “Week 17 – Brighton Mk2

  1. “lovely and sharp”… what is it that you don’t like about the scans? Colour? … You should try FilmDev mate.
    I am the same once I shoot a roll I want to see the results which is easy with B&W as I do it myself.
    I get to see my scans normally 1 day after sending FilmDev my film.


    • Cheers for that Time I’ll have a look at FilmDev. As for the scans, yeah there’s a yellow colour cast, which I did reduce a bit before posting. Also the size. They charged me £5.99 for scans and when I got them back they were only 1000×1000. I was disgusted with that.

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