Week 17: A day at the zoo

Like many major cities throughout the world, Atlanta has a wonderful zoo.  This is one of the memberships we purchase every year.  If the kids are boarded or we can’t think of anything to do, we head the to zoo.  I realize we are only 17 weeks into this mission but I can’t believe that it took me this long to post something from our visits.  I promise I will keep them to a minimum.

One of the things I love about this project is that it is forcing me to look for new and interesting things in familiar places.  Who knows, I may revisit the zoo again later this year and come up with a few more things I’ve never noticed before.


One thought on “Week 17: A day at the zoo

  1. I could have almost written this post word for word. We also purchase yearly memberships at the Nashville Zoo and the Science Museum. We actually used our Nashville membership to get into the Atlanta zoo many years ago when my oldest son was 5. On days like you described, we have loaded up in the car and headed for the zoo.Trying to find something different in familiar places keeps the creative juices flowing. Nice pictures!


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