52 Rolls Week 22:52

Sharing some photographs taken almost a month ago on my birthday.  We took the day off from work and went out shooting.  Our primary goal was to photograph an old barn and silo in the Boulder County Open Space:


We also went to Chautauqua Park in Boulder, for a closer view of the Flatirons:


The Chautauqua Movement was a summer educational program founded in the Late 19th century at upstate New York’s Chautauqua Lake. “Daughter Chautauquas” were eventually founded across the US.


And A Panorama of the Flatirons taken from a Trailhead at the Boulder County Parks and Open Space Headquarters  (buildings in the distance).

And I’ll own up to a “Failed Experiment”.  After all we re here to learn and share.  Missed out on getting a telephoto lens attachment for the Holga 120, so I thought I would try taping and 35mm telephoto over the lens to see what happens.  Didn’t really work:


Also having some persistent light leak problems affecting color film.  Not sure why, because I’m treating all my film the same, and using cameras that previously had no problems.  So I’m switching to B&W exclusively for a while.

Tech Info:  Holga 120s, Kodak Portra 400. Developed and scanned by Old School Photo lab.


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