Week 20:Turning failure into success

I’ve postponed this post because I was away, and because the roll I shot for this week originally did not turn out as planned. I shot a roll of Lomochrome purple on an afternoon in Santa Monica. It would have been great, but something messed with the already messed up chemistry so the pictures turned out looking more like souped film (see example below).



Except, mysteriously, for the last half dozen shots which acted like “normal” lomo purple.

I was feeling frustrated about the week’s mission but at the last minute, I had to shoot a quick test roll on my “new” Nikon FE to be sure there wasn’t a  light leak (thank goodness, there wasn’t). I just shot a bunch of quick stuff at my house, on the road to do errands and at a little garden center, using Kodak 400, a film I never use. I actually ended up liking a lot of these although this wasn’t the ideal film for the sunny conditions. And my new baby was cleared for travel to Iceland. The one below is my favorite because it’s so accidentally meta. I was standing in front of a door to my patio and, intent on capturing the reflection, failed to notice that several self portraits from my (thankfully brief) painting days were on the wall inside.



4 thoughts on “Week 20:Turning failure into success

    • Don’t get me wrong. I quite like souping film, and will probably do at least one roll during this project (if I haven’t already…who can remember?). But I expect a certain look from the Lomo film and have that in mind when I’m shooting.

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