More Belair testing

I’m not so confident about focusing with the Belair, so I put in the 6×6 mask, and shot some 35mm, to shoot the most pictures for the least amount of money.     This meant that I had to gaffer tape over the fame counter window, but I like overlapping frames.

And because I like to set myself up for failure, I shot using a Vivitar flash, which I hoped was bright enough.
Like before, I shot at F16 to increase the chance that stuff would be in focus.   It was, pretty much.   Although my shutter speeds were too slow, and there were some blurry shots while there was still ambient light.

I’m not thrilled with the results, but I’m not as discouraged as I thought I would be either.  I still want to try to use the camera in the future.   And getting the focusing near-OK was encouraging for when I want to use the Instax back on it again.

I went to a warehouse party with a bunch of bands.   I also shot 4 rolls using the Sputnik, but those are still off getting developed at Citizen’s Photo in Portland.





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