Week 18: The people in my life

For me this project is a challenge to come up with unique ideas each week.  I wanted to capture snapshots of the people in my life.  The people I see most often (family, co-workers, friends, etc.).  Instead of using an ominous looking medium format or even a compact I decided to use one of the most fun cameras in my collection:  The Holga K205.  For those not familiar with this legend in the Holga family, it is commonly known as the meow, meow camera because, yes, when you press a button on the front, it meows like a cat and has LEDs that light up.

Holga K205.jpg

I tried to let people know what I was taking portraits for this project and pulled the camera up at the last second and let it meow.  Some people laughed but most just thought I was a nut case with a toy camera.  Accurate description I guess.

Below are the results with Kodak Max 400 film.

The last frame was taken by my daughter because, after all, the camera is technically hers. At least that’s what I told my wife when I bought it.  If you can’t blame gear acquisition on your kids, who can you blame it on?


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