Week 19: Expired Impossible 600

A few months ago I received an email from the Impossible project when they were selling expired film.  I have typically had good luck with expired film so I thought I’d give it a try.

This particular pack of film had a festive border.  Using a Sun 660 I noticed that every shot came out with a blue hue.  I corrected it as much as I could with the scan and Lightroom but still not overjoyed with the results.

I guess I have learned my lesson with the Impossible film.  It does make me wonder about the Polaroid expired 600 film I have.  In the coming weeks I’ll have to break one of those out and see what we get.


One thought on “Week 19: Expired Impossible 600

  1. I also bought some of this expired film only mine had crazy animal print borders. The earlier versions of Impossible color film have tended to be unreliable even when fresh so the weird and washed out results of the expired film are not really surprising. You’d think they would at least have discounted it a bit more.

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