Week 20: In Roscoff, Bretagne

This week I went with almost everyone I work with to Roscoff, for a “retreat”. We would talk about our research and projects and try to debate what should be the future direction of our institute. Well, that was the plan. Unfortunately, thanks to the strikes, the train we we were all supposed to take was cancelled ! We were all offered two choices: either leave super-early (7AM) or leave later, at mid-day. Needless the first day was heavily disrupted. But I chose to leave at 7AM of course, which gave me much more time to visit Roscoff than had originally been planned. I took with me my friend’s Leica and the “fifty year old lens” of the previous post and a few rolls of Tri-X, shooting three of them in the three days.

Roscoff is a five-hour train and ride from Paris. There has been a CNRS research station in Roscoff since 1872, specializing in all studies of all forms of marine life. All very Jules Verne.  A friend told me that in fact the first film of underground sea-creatures was made in Roscoff. Through the windows of the meeting room , which looks out onto the sea, we could see people collecting algae at low tide.

Here is what Roscoff itself looks like, early in the morning, at a “decisive moment” of course :-).


The town of Roscoff

And here is the bridge you cross to get the boat at the Ile du Batz, the bridge is necessary at low tide, because the sea goes out so far:


Crossing the bridge to sea


And the sea itself looks like this:


The sea


And here is our meeting hall, ok I took the picture from the back, where there are less gray-haired astronomers I admit!


Our meeting.


We could see the sea from the meeting hall, which is wonderful for analogue photographers who need a lot of light.


Low tide


And of course, we had a lot of nice seafood !


Before the big meal.


Next up, Oxford, Lisbon and the Paris floods. I still have some developing and scanning to do before I get there. Technical details: Leica M6 + (mostly) 50mm. And the eternal HC110 dil E @8 mins.  Thanks !



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