52 Rolls Week 23:52

Week #23 finds us at the “Top of the World” along the Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park:


Typically opening on Memorial Day Weekend.  That almost didn’t happen this year, as the Highway Department had to blast away some of the Snow Drifts.  But in the end they were only 24 hours late in opening the road.

And At the top a wonderful Surprise as the National Park Service Celebrates 100 Years with a snow sculpture at the top:


And below a view of the Visitor’s Center at 12,183 feet elevation.  The logs on top are to keep the roof from blowing off during high winds.


And a mosaic of views along the road to the top………..

I had considered abandoning the Holga for the Landscape Season, but these turned out pretty good, so Holga will make a few journeys into the High Country. But, we are also going to mix it up!

Tech Info: Holga 120S, Kodak Potra 400, Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Labs.


2 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 23:52

  1. Thanks,
    I’m not going to totally abandon the Holga for Landscapes……….But starting in July there will be other Medium formats mixed in.


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